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We have been in the industry since 2015. Over the years, we have spoken to hundreds of recruiters and job applicants to understand what they want to achieve and have developed our platform to suit their needs.
Online assessments and interviews are not rocket-science. All you need is the right approach.
We are here to help, so don’t be disheartened if you fail the practice tests in the beginning, read the feedback and practice again.
We are confident that you will succeed in your real assessments.

Products & Services

Numerical Reasoning Practice Tests

As our name suggests, you are not here to do endless math tests or read through tiring situations or scenarios. You are here to learn so that you can master the basics and tackle any complex questions that come on your way. Do not practice again and again without understanding where you are going wrong.

Our numerical practice questions start with basic math as simple as 3 x 5 and gradually get harder. You will be tested on all the different aspects of numerical questions.

Once in the challenge zone, you will practice solving real-world numerical assessment type questions.

Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests

For most job seekers, especially non-native speakers, verbal reasoning is the most difficult test. For many years, we heard people saying they could not find an effective way of practising these tests. At Learn and Pass, we solved the problem.

Our verbal reasoning tests are divided into several levels. Level one starts with the most basic verbal reasoning, such as synonyms and antonyms to help you build the foundation. And then, tests start getting harder. Once you have completed the learning levels, you can challenge yourself with real-assessment style questions.

Situational Judgement Practice Test

The same applies to our situation judgement practice tests. Working on different workplace scenarios will prepare you for real assessments. Questions are engaging and diverse. They test you from different angles to make sure that you understand how to engage in a real working environment. At the end of each assessment, you will be able to review your answers with feedback.

But please bear in mind that there is no right or wrong answer. The feedback is just a reference. We designed our tests to give you the feeling of real assessments so they will seem less strange to you.

Logical Reasoning Practice Test

Our logical tests follow the same pattern where you will have both a learning zone and practice zone and we have created a wide range of tests for you to get going. In our logical reasoning practice tests, you will also have a chance to start from the basics and build up on that. If you find these types of tests difficult, practise a few times more until you feel comfortable.

Companies use variety types of questions. However, the fundamentals are the same. Once you have mastered them, identifying a more complex patterns will be easier.

Interview Preparation

Not everyone knows how to succeed in interviews. Actually, the majority of us don’t. More often than not, we fail interviews because we cannot demonstrate our full capabilities within one hour. Sometimes we get nervous and forget what we want to say. Or sometimes, we cannot clearly explain what we are trying to explain. For digital interviews, we also need to be comfortable.

That’s why, before interviews, we need to prepare and practice. We need to read through our CVs, think about our strengths and learn how to showcase our skills through our answers clearly and logically.

This is where we add value. Our Interview Prep service helps you become confident in your interviews. You will not only be able to learn how to prepare for your interview but also be able to put them into practice with our Video Interview Ready platform.

CV Review

No matter what you are applying for, an investment banking job or a part-time internship at a local supermarket, you will need an outstanding CV.

You know the job market is more competitive than ever. We have years of experience in the industry and have helped many students and graduates secure interviews with top companies. We will work together to customise your CV for the job you are targeting and to highlight who you really are.

All CVs will be ATS (Automated Tracking System ) ready so that you can upload your CV and submit your application via online portals easily.

Cover Letter Review

Companies may or may not require a cover letter. But when they do, they will read it. With automation, some cover letters are now reviewed by an AI system before they make it to a real human. Therefore, your cover letter needs to be adapted to both.

We help you review your cover letter within 72 hours. All we need is the job description, company information and your CV so that your cover letter truly reflects your experience. Cover letters will only be reviewed for the position or the company that you provided in the form and your cover letter will fit on one page as per industry standards.

Our Unique Advantage

We know the market

We reflect the market

We adapt to you

We fully prepare you

We push you to succeed