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In less than 5 years, we have helped many students and young professionals
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Online tests can be frustrating. But with the right approach & preparation you can smash them.
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Learn and Pass

We are:

A collective of passionate helpers.
Trust us, we have been there before!
We, too, were frustrated when we did not pass online tests.
So, we decided to get back to basics, built on that
and eventually succeeded.
Now, we have created this platform,
so that you can succeed too.

online test preparation
online test preparation

Learn and Pass

We are different:

Here, you learn the basics of online tests before preparation.
You start from as simple as 3 x 5,
and it will gradually get harder.
If you fail, don’t worry!
You will receive feedback and detailed solutions,
so that, next time, you can get it right!
That’s how you succeed!

Learn and Pass

What’s more:

Do you need a CV?
Do you need a Cover Letter?
Want your interview answers to be reviewed?
We can also help.
Having been on the corporate and recruitment side,
we know what companies look for.
online test preparation help

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Online Test Practice

Basic maths tests
Numerical reasoning tests
Situational judgment tests
Real assessment style questions
Suitable for most companies

CV and Cover Letter Review

Customized for you
Tailored to the position
Professionally written
Reviewed until satisfied
Word and Pdf formats



I always struggled to pass online tests. I practised for 2 months, and it indeed helped. I secured four interviews just in two weeks.


I applied for internships last year but failed at the online test stage. I sat my first online test with Deloitte a few days ago and today I found out I passed. I am so happy that I practised here before the actual test.


I feel lucky that I found this site. It really helped me improve my online test pass rate.


Thanks for your professional help with my CV. Your online tests are very helpful too. My maths have not been particularly strong. I am definitely improving now.