How to Prepare for UBS’s Online Assessment

About UBS

UBS Group AG is a multinational investment bank and financial services company founded and based in Switzerland. Co-headquartered in the cities of Zürich and Basel, it maintains a presence in all major financial centres as the largest Swiss banking institution and the largest private bank in the world.

UBS also has a big presence in the UK and is one of the big recruiters in the investment banking sector. The company hires more than 100 graduates and interns in the UK each year. It is also an attractive employer with a lot of perks to offer and a competitive salary.

UBS’s Graduate and Intern Recruitment Process

Step 1: Online Application

Like many other companies, you need to submit an application via UBS’s careers site to be considered for their positions.

Step 2: Online Assessment

There are three types of online assessments. Depending on the opportunity you have applied for, you may be asked to complete more than one type.

  • UBS Cultural Appraiser: Culture is key. The Cultural Appraiser is a situational judgement test, and it will give you realistic, hypothetical work scenarios designed to see how well you align with their culture and values.
  • Cognitive Assessments: Numerical and verbal reasoning tests measure your ability to draw logical conclusions from complex numerical or verbal information. Logical reasoning will ask you to find logical rules in patterns of symbols and apply them to a different set of patterns. Where possible, be sure to complete tutorials and/or practice questions before you start.
  • Coding Challenge: For roles in Technology, you may be asked to solve challenges in a native coding environment with real-time feedback. This simulation helps us see if your skills are a good match for the role.

Step 3: Video Interview

If you are successful in Step 2, you will be invited to complete a video interview. It is similar to other companies’ video interviews, and you will need to record your answer to some preset questions. Don’t worry; you can record as many practice interviews as you like before your actual interview. You can also practise on Learn and Pass and simply learn how to answer tough interview questions with our Job Interview Pro online course.

Step 4: Final Assessment

The final stage of the selection process is a series of face-to-face interviews. You’ll have a chance to meet senior leaders in the business and give them a glimpse into your personality and capabilities. The final interview will be more detailed and focused on assessing your compatibility with UBS in your desired position. For further information, you can review Final Assessment Day Tips.

How to Pass UBS’s online Assessment?


UBS uses very standard questions during their online assessment, and there is nothing tricky. This does not mean you will pass. Practising before sitting the assessment is always recommended by UBS. You can practise all sets of similar questions that are used by UBS on our website. Whether it is for the cultural appraiser, a situational judgement test, or the cognitive assessment that consists of numerical reasoning and logical reasoning tests, we will prepare you for all. When you practice, it is important to start from the basics so that you will be able to complete more complex questions accurately.


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